Organize Your Life With The DocSAFE

Courtesy of Andrea Young, Lucky Magazine Contributor
Published November 3, 2013

The DocSAFE has helped me to get organized and stay organized.

Virtual Safe Deposit Box - The DocSafe

The DocSAFE is a virtual safe deposit box that allows its members to organize, protect, and maintain their critical and important documents and information (e.g., Wills, Powers of Attorney and Medical Directives) so that they will be accessible at anytime, anywhere. Some members even use The DocSAFE to maintain their resumes, treasured family recipes and pet records.

The DocSAFE has been featured in Forbes and The New York Times. Users can sign up for a free 14 day trial to test the service for themselves! It was developed by a CPA and an estate planning attorney as a family centered business. As parents of two young children, they know that life can be hard, chaotic and disorganized.


* _IT’S PRE-ORGANIZED- Many other sites on the internet can be used to store documents. However, you need to spend your valuable time figuring out what to save and then organizing your documents. We have established categories for document storage, such as estate planning, medical, taxes and financial, and business records.

* _IT'S EASY TO USE- If you can attach a document to an email, you can upload your documents in The DocSAFE.

* _LOW FEE- We don't charge based on the amount of storage you use. Rather than a tiered fee structure based on usage, we simply charge a monthly fee of $5.95 or an annual fee of $49.95. Plus, we don't have any long-term contracts - you use The DocSAFE for as long as you want.


The DocSafe is awesome because it protects all of your information from the risk of damage from fire, flood, theft, etc. Plus, it allows you to keep everything together, on one organized website. You can see more about how it works here!


You can upload documents or just type in information about yourself. This allows you to keep all of your secure documents and information together, including your tax returns, personal information, and just about anything you can think of. I loved how easy this was to use and knowing that all of my information was together, in one place. It's also just really well organized, so you won't have to search for things forever. Everything's in it's rightful place. I also was able to put everything in the site and get all of my stuff together much faster than I thought. You can also very easily update and add to it whenever you want. With the amount of identity theft issues going on today, it's important to take measures to keep your private information safe and secure. I love The DocSAFE.