Photo Courtesy of III Marine Expeditionary Force Public Affairs
Hurricanes, tornados, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters put you in a vulnerable position. When a natural disaster or other catastrophe strikes, your possessions may be lost or destroyed.  

"Recently we had some terrible flooding here in Colorado. Imagine having all of your important information and documents destroyed. With a service like this you will always have access to your information and know that it is safe no matter what is going on."    


                                                                            Tanya Bright - Lakewood, Colorado

What do you do if you have not organized your documents ahead of time? Are you prepared to incur the time and expense necessary to recreate them?  
Avoid the vulnerability of a catastrophe by storing your most important documents online with The DocSafe. 
What types of documents should you protect? 

Do not worry that you might miss something.  The DocSafe's unique approach to online storage will walk you through a series of questions designed to help you determine what documents you should save in your personal DocSafe.