Having spent considerable time, effort and expense preparing a Last Will and other estate planning documents, wouldn’t it be unfortunate if those documents could not be located when they are needed?  Storing those documents online with The DocSafe gives you peace of mind that your loved ones will be able to access your wishes immediately.  No longer will they need to haphazardly search through your personal records. 


How will you know which documents to store?  The DocSafe is organized by topics that ask questions to help you discover the types of documents that your family may need so that you can safely and securely store them online in your personal DocSafe.  The DocSafe also allows you to create secondary usernames for your family that they can retrieve your estate planning documents and critical information at a moment's notice.


What are some of the estate planning documents that you should protect?

As you collect these documents for storage with The DocSafe, you may wish to meet with your attorney and other estate planning professionals to make certain that you have everything that your family will need.