Tanya's Review:

I will admit I am a very disorganized person. I really do try to keep things in their proper place and tidy. I often need Alexanders information like his social security number. I have to go digging through the files to find it and I always put it in the wrong place. Not anymore! Unless I need the actual paper I can just go on The DocSafe and look up his number. Maybe I should just memorize it but since that probably won't happen I am happy to use The DocSafe. 

The DocSafe is an online service. It's like a safe deposit box with all of your important documents but online. Recently we had some terrible flooding here in Colorado. Imagine having all of your important information and documents destroyed. With a service like this you will always have access to your information and know that it is safe no matter what is going on.

The DocSafe was developed by a CPA and an estate planning attorney as a family centered business. The DocSafe was created with an interest in getting and staying organized. It's really easy to use. Everything is put into categories such as taxes, business records, estate planning, kids information. All you do is upload your documents and they stay put until you need them!


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